Zhao Xing

Chief Architects/Senior Partner

Class 1 Registered Architect

Shenzhen Architectural Design Review Expert

Evaluation expert of Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission

Development And Refrom Commission Of Shenzhen Municipality Review Expert

GUANZHU Director

2nd Prize in National Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Awards of MOHURD

2nd Prize in the 11th Excellent Project DesignAward of Guandong Province

1st Prize of Urban Planning in the 10th Shenzhen Excellent Geotechnical Survey & Architectural Design Awards

1st Prize in the 16th Shenzhen Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Awards (Public Buildings)

Gold Prize in the 4th Shenzhen Architectural Design Awards (Scheme)

Ms. Zhao Xing has rich experience in managing market directions. She pays extra attention to thecreativity of the work during her approximate30-year experience in the whole process design of architecture in Shenzhen. As a core member of CCDI during founding, she was in charge of several huge-influencing projects in the CBD of Futian District in Shenzhen. Her works had won many national, provincial, and municipal awards in the engineering survey and design industry.


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