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"MultiArch a creative and high-quality design team,composed of a group of designers who are passionate about designing.We provide high-quality architectural design service covering the whole process and all professions.

Unlike most of the large-scale design companies, "MultiArch" persists in a flatter method of project management. Our partners will participate and manage the quality of the projects during the whole process of designing.

Unlike most of the small-scale design agencies, "MultiArch" has nearly 100 professional engineers and designers in various specialties to ensure the design work to be comprehensive and ready for construction.

"MultiArch" strives to respond to the various requirements of the time, and give the cultural concept of 'Mordern Oriental' to architecture. "MultiArch" applies the same design concept in both large-scale projects and small-scale cultural projects.

By continuously seeking for creativity and quality, "MultiArch" obtained the honor of "National high-tech enterprise", won more and more support from our clients and many awards, including HKIA Cross-Strait Architectural Design Awards. We are marching toward becoming the A-team in the industry.

Nature and Tradition - Modern Oriental Architecture

The word "MultiArch" , this word contains Chinese culture and oriental mood. We are committed to creating contemporary architectures with oriental temperament.

"MultiArch" hope to express "nature and tradition" through architecture. Gental, peaceful, natural, simple, poetic, these feelings force us to experience each single object in surrounding environment, to communicate with our deep soul inside the space.

"MultiArch" aims to interpretate the oriental culture as a new design language over the world. "modern oriental architecture" does not mean inheriting only, exploring the future is also important as well.

Culture and Commercial -- Design of comprehensive balance

"Motai" means "MultiArch", which aims to express our design in a win-win situation

by taking full consideration of every aspects, including urban relations, marketing position, cultural heritage, cultural vitality, and finance.

"MultiArch" hopes to break the boundary between commerce and culture, to mix the professional ideal, humanistic feelings and high sensitivity to the market in architectural design works.


Zhao Xing

Chief Architects/Senior Partner

Class 1 Registered Architect

Shenzhen Architectural Design Review Expert

Development And Refrom Commission Of Shenzhen Municipality Review Expert

GUANZHU Director


Shen Chi

Chief Architects/Senior Partner

Class 1 Registered Architect

Professor-level Senior Engineer


Council Member of World Association of Chinese Architects (WACA)



  • The 7th Young Architect Award of Architectural Society of China

  • The First Top 10 Young Architects Award in Shenzhen Geotechnical Survey & Design Industry

  • Ideal Architecture Festival 2021 Annual Emerging Architects

  • 2019 1st Prize in the Shenzhen Architectural Design Awards

  • 2018 Golden Award in the Shenzhen Architectural Design Awards

  • Golden Prize in the 2nd Shenzhen Architectural Design Awards

  • 2017 HKIA Cross-Strait Architectural Design Awards-Excellent Prize

  • 2019 HKIA Cross-Strait Architectural Design Awards-Excellent Prize

  • 2nd Prize in the 19th Shenzhen Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Awards

  • 2019 2nd Prize in the Shenzhen Architectural Design Awards

  • 2018 Silver Award in the Shenzhen Architectural Design Awards

  • Silver Prize in the 3nd Shenzhen Architectural Design Awards

  • 3nd Prize in the 19th Shenzhen Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Awards

  • 2019 3nd Prize in the 4th Shenzhen Architectural Design Awards

  • 2018 Bronze Award in the Shenzhen Architectural Design Awards

  • Ideal Architecture Festival 2021 Winner (Architecture)

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  • Connecting structure between the glass façade and stone pillars

  • A Large-span door steel construction and its construction method

  • Anti-floating pile foundation under basement

  • A construction method of layered secondary CFG pile


  • A transparent temple roofs

  • A canopy for the first floor of a building

  • A window structure for glassed-brick building

  • A long-span cantilevered structure

  • A steel-structured connecting corridor

  • A roof structure with good ventilation and lighting

  • An aluminum curtain wall that is easy to disassemble

  • An outdoor supporting unit structure for air conditioning 

  • A drainage structure for pitched roof 

      ... ...


  • Multiarch engineering design visual effects software V.10

  • Multiarch intelligent architecture management software V1.0

  • Multiarch architectural design software V1.0

  • Multiarch BIM software for prefabricating water supply and drainage pipeline components V 1.0

  • Multiarch building foundation and main structure calculation software V 1.0

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E-mail: MT@mtarch.cn
Address : 6th  Floor, Block B2, North of OCT LOFT, Nanshan District, Shenzhen